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Our furniture and heavy garden pieces ship by a special truck. Shipping in the furniture category, and heavy garden pieces is FREE in the contiguous USA. We apologize that we cannot ship these heavy items to Hawaii, Alaska, or US Territories. Additionally, we cannot ship these items internationally. For shipping in the USA, there are some things that we need to communicate to ensure that your order arrives with no issues. It is a partnership to ensure a seamless delivery. We can discuss your details via phone call, text, or email...whichever method you are most comfortable with.

1. Please confirm if the shipping address is classified business or residential. 

2. Note that we do not offer white glove service with free shipping. The truck delivers to the curb only. Please have family or friends available to help carry your furniture to the house. The driver will not go to the house or even beyond the curb.

3. We will determine if you need a lift gate- this is hydraulic gate that flips down the back of the semi-truck and lowers to the ground, helping to offload heavy furniture.  Some lightweight furniture may not require a lift gate. The driver will remove it from the pallet and carry if off the truck. A pallet is an oak slat wood carrier that the item sits on. You may keep the pallets or send back with the driver.

4. Examine your item(s) immediately before the driver leaves your house. Look at your purchase to ensure that there is no damage.

5. If there is significant damage, refuse the shipment and contact us immediately so we can fix the problem. Remember to take pictures of the damage, including the box. If there is minimal damage that you can live with, have the driver make a note on the BOL (Bill of Lading) and contact us so we can find a solution.

6. We will work with you on a delivery swag time. You never know what the driver will encounter ahead of your delivery, so there may be delays. We try to keep a narrow swag time to reduce inconvenience. The driver will have your phone number and will typically call you 30 minutes to an hour ahead of his arrival. Please keep your phone nearby so you can answer this call.

7. Make sure that your children and pets are in a safe location. We don't want anyone hurt, including your cats and dogs. Absolutely no children near the truck.

8. Do not stand behind the truck. Stand off to the side. Do not put your hands near the lift gate.

The lowering and raising of a lift gate is extremely dangerous. Stay clear.

9. The truck is a large semi-truck and will need to be able to turn around or continue on. It cannot go over little bridges or drive on narrow roads.

10. No Shows and redeliveries result in additional fees. The buyer is responsible for paying these fees. Trucking companies typically charge $150 to $250 for No Shows, redeliveries, and address changes.

 We have two decades of experience with semi-truck deliveries. Things do go wrong so we ask that you please adhere to these guidelines. We want you to have a pleasant experience.

Note: We are a tea manufacturer and a tea supplier and offer LTL shipping. Please call to inquire.

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