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About Us

Thank you for being a Camillia Bloomsbury shopper. We appreciate you!

For several decades we have been hand-blending our tea recipes with ingredients from across the globe using only the finest flowers, leaves, roots, barks, chocolates, and sweets available. Our artisan methods and sourcing have remained consistent through the years, ensuring that each batch is visually stunning, delicious, fragrant, and fresh.

Camillia Bloomsbury is a stockist of all things beautiful. Tantalizing teas, interior intrigues, floral vases, garden living, luxury comestibles, and botanic beauty and self-care goods.

We hope our products make you happy and inspire you to nurture and create.

Who is Camillia Bloomsbury? She is a created concept.

The name “Camillia” is a twist on the Camellia Sinensis tea plant, and “Bloomsbury” comes from the name of an inspirational seaside cottage that our founder fell in love with. Camillia Bloomsbury is an imaginative muse.

We are active on Instagram uploading home and garden inspiration as well as product images. She loves her friends on Instagram and is inspired by each and everyone of them.


Camillia Bloomsbury represents all of our lifelong interests: gardens, architecture, food, interior design, period living, and travel. We welcome you to follow along and become part of the Camillia Bloomsbury community.

We are located in the United States of America, but ship many of our items internationally.

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