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Kenzan for ikebana or Western arrangements.

2-3/4" diam. round.318g; 271/12mm needles.18-8 Stainless Steel with black water-resistant coating. Made in Japan.


This kenzan requires floral putty to make sure your arrangement doesnt shift.  Place thicker foundation stems first- they can be part of your arrangement or cut below the vessel line. Because this is designed for delicate arrangments a solid foundation is paramount for supporting thin stems.


When you place the kenzan into the vase or vessel, add water just until you cover it. After you make your arrangement,  add more water to fill the vase. They will be extra thirsty so keep your container filled with water at all times.

Tiny Kenzan Black 2-3/4" - Spiky Frog for Ikebana or Free Form Flower Arrangi

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