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Beautiful Lotus Seed Bracelets- In Buddhism, the Lotus plant symbolizes humankind's ability to seek and attain enlightenment as the Lotus grows from mud into a beautiful fragrant flower reaching for the sun.


Lotus Seed beads are dried seeds from plants of the genus Nelumbo nucifera, the national flower of India and Vietnam. The seeds fall from the plant and feed the wildlife. Others spout and form a new colony of lotus plants. The seeds can stay dormant for a very long time.  In China, a 1300 year old seed that was found in a dried lakebed germinated and grew to be a beautiful flower. The Chinese associate the lotus seed with longivity. 

Bead Size: 8.5mm.

There may be variation in color, shape & size due to natural materials involved.

Lotus Seed Bracelet- set of two

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