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Little Tarts

1 x Pastry Recipe + 60 x Fillings

Meike Schaling

$19.95   hardcover     

160 pages, 5 3/4 x 9
full-color photographs

May, 2021



Discovering the joy of homemade tarts has never been easier.

In this book, celebrated European pastry chef Meike Schaling equips even the most rudimentary of bakers with the skills to create beautiful tarts in an endless variety of colors and flavors, all with just one core recipe. Chapters include how to make the perfect dough and exploring the best fillings for tarts. Learn how to create the perfect creamy layer and delicious toppings. From apples and pears to pineapple and rhubarb, the book teaches the reader how to make fruit the perfect texture and sweetness for their creations. It also includes fifteen different types of ganache, as well as other chocolate fillings and toppings to help create the ultimate chocolate sensations.

Little Tarts Book

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