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Rooibos is indigenous to the Western Cape of South Africa and is grown specifically in the Cederberg Mountain region. This caffeine-free beverage is packed with antioxidants and minerals making it the perfect end-of-day tea.


Elderflower Wedding Blend is a combination of green rooibos, Egyptian lemons, elderflowers, white flower sprinkles, and vanilla. Top with almond milk, oat milk or cream froth for a dessert in a cup. Garnish with roses, elderflowers or other edible flowers.

Ingredients: Green rooibos, lemon peels, elderflowers, vanilla, and flavoring.

Flavor Notes: Sweet buttercream with notes of lemon, pear-like elderflowers, and vanilla.

NOTE: when using fresh elderflowers for a garnish, remove stems and leaves because they are mildly toxic.



Elderflower Wedding Artisan Loose Leaf Rooibos Tea 4 oz

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