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Elephant Approved® is a non-profit organization that was founded by our owner, Joy. Seeing how the tea industry has negatively affected the population and future of the Asian Elephant, Joy wanted to make sure that her company did what they could to mitigate the issue. Elephant Approved® certifies tea gardens that have an active wildlife conservation program, specifically addressing Human Elephant Conflict in the tea gardens. Joy blends with teas cultivated on these certified tea estates and brings these teas to market to reward the stewardship of the keystone species, the Asian Elephant. 100 percent of your purchase of black teas and green teas from India go directly to our non-profit. Thank you for caring about wildlife and living a sustainable lifestyle.

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With a population of less than 50,000 individuals, the Asian Elephant species has been reduced in numbers by over half in the last one-hundred years, largely due to human-driven causes. Sixty percent of today's Asian Elephant population resides in the forests of India, which are prone to deforestation as humanity expands into historically-forested areas. This deforestation has led to fragmentation of the elephant's natural habitat and forced the elephants to be broken up into over forty different groups living on separated swaths of land. Without continuous habitat, the elephant groups are forced into human-inhabited land to search for adequate food and shelter, where violence ensues as the two species groups come in contact.

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Human Elephant Conflict

Elephants are feared. They follow a natural and instinctual path of migration that is disrupted when humans become part of the landscape. The development by humans of the land causes the elephants to become agitated and flustered, often stampeding and destroying entire villages, properties, and compromising valuable agricultural products in their path. Elephants kill an average of 400 people a year. In retaliation, humans kill elephants by hunting, poisoning, trench trapping and electrocuting them as they venture out of forested areas. This is called Human Elephant Conflict or HEC. 

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