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Bannetons will give bread a better rise and a uniforn shape, which leads to better texture and a crunchier crust after baking. These handsome baskets can serve double duty as a serving basket for baked bread, buns or chips. Use an elastic liner (sold seperately) with your banneton basket to create a smooth top on your bread.


If you chose to go without a liner, dust with rice flour for an easy turn out.


  • Shape dough and add texture to delicious homemade bread with this 9-inch Round Banneton Basket. The coiled texture on the walls of the basket allow for optimal airflow around the dough while rising.
  • The stars of any bread-baking operation, these baskets allow for a better rise and shape while adding a beautiful coiled texture.
  • Natural-colored basket is sturdy to shape high-quality homemade dough. Round basket measures 9 inches in diameter by 3.5 inches high.
  • Made from durable rattan that's lightweight, food-safe and allows rising dough to breathe.
  • Gently tap out or brush out any excess flour for easy maintenance and cleaning. For simple cleanup, combine with a banneton basket liner.


Natural Rattan

Care Instructions

Rinse with hot water & lay upside down to dry. Do not use soap.

Item Length (in)


Item Width (in)


Item Height (in)


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Banneton Basket 9 inch

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